Ultrasound Program

The Sinai-Grace Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Program is second-to-none, and is yet another reason to come to Sinai-Grace for your residency training. Here are some highlights:

  • Integrated ultrasound curriculum in first year, with one month of dedicated ultrasound scanning time with ultrasound fellows, attendings, senior residents, and/or ultrasound techs. A two-day ultrasound ‘crash course’ in July ensures that you’re ready to scan on your own in intern year – giving you plenty of time to hone your skills.
  • Most residents take advantage of an available one month elective in ultrasound during 2nd and 3rd year in addition to the above.
  • Sinai-Grace has five full-time ultrasound fellowship-trained attendings and one full-time ultrasound fellow. Our Ultrasound program director, Dr. Mark Favot, is one of very few EM physicians boarded in echocardiography, ensuring that you get a great, detailed education in this difficult-to-master but almost infinitely helpful study.
  • The strong DMC-WSU Ultrasound Fellowship program trains 3 new ultrasound fellows each year, with one at each site (including Sinai-Grace).
  • 7 ultrasound machines in the department.
  • In the Class of 2016 – the first to complete the full SGH US program – 4 graduates went on to ultrasound fellowships – at University of Arizona, Emory, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Yale.
  • Formal credentialing for attendings and an ‘ultrasound friendly’ culture means that the use of ultrasound is encouraged by your attendings and institution, and can often be used in your medical decision making. Many programs lack this important distinction, making it difficult for you to practically hone your skills on-shift.
  • Q-path allows ultrasound faculty to review all of your images and make suggestions for improvement.
  • WSU EM Ultrasound is a separate division within the WSU Emergency Medicine Department. While primarily administrative, this signifies WSU EM’s commitment to high-quality ultrasound education and innovation.
  • We’re the SonoCup Champions for 2015, 2016, and 2018. This winner-take-all, no-holds-barred competition pits the 6 largest EM programs in Southeast Michigan against each other in head-to-head competitions to decide – who really has the best US skills in the state?
  • WSU EM Ultrasound is a finalist in the national 2017 GE/EMF Point of Care US challenge. We’ve received one grant to support our work and are a finalist to receive an additional grant. See our video below!