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  1. Huron Valley We cover swing the first two weeks and morning the following two weeks. Morning shifts are 9a-5p and Afternoon shifts are 3:00p-11:00p. Please do not be late, and make sure you allow for the inordinately long commute on those tiny congested roads. Pay special attention to the Thursdays’ shift times. Thom, Fellows, Johnson, Chine, Dewald & Kalarikal are providing coverage so check your schedule carefully.
  2. SENIOR ULTRASOUND shifts are on Fridays
    • 1st Friday of a CALENDAR month: SJH
    • 2nd Friday of a CALENDAR month: SGH
    • 3rd Friday of a CALENDAR month: DRH
    • 4th & 5th Friday of a CALENDAR month: DRH
      (Jan-April: SJH. May-Aug: SGH. Sept-Dec: DRH)
      All classes begin at 9a, and residents should anticipate being present until 4p.
  3. INTERN EMS SHIFTs Click here for more info
    • You will be present in the ER 7a-4pm performing independent scanning
    • Monday – teaching sessions with either fellow/Favot 1pm-4pm or Nancy Heberer 10a-3pm
    • Thursday – Image review with Dr Favot after Grand Rounds. Don’t forget to save your images! (In case there are any questions – this does not count as a shift.)
    • In general, you should not be attending the Friday senior US shifts. Please allow the seniors to have their own dedicated teaching time.
  5. ACEP coverage – PGY-2 and 3 in the department are providing coverage. Thank you!
    • ACEP goers are expected to review the schedule carefully and alert me of any potential travel conflicts.
  6. Swaps – you may request as per the usual policy. Must comply with ACGME duty hours and most of our Sinai-Grace Rules. No swap will ever be approved verbally. Save for emergencies, no swap will be approved with less than 96 hours’ notice. No swaps to take place without the approval of the PD and Chief resident.
  7. If there is ever any question about who is supposed to be working – this calendar is the most current and up-to-date official schedule.
  8. Intern Teaching Sessions – ITS counts as a shift. All interns in the department are expected to attend. Those who fail to attend will be subject to extra shifts and other administrative badness.
  9. Check this entire schedule carefully. If you notice any conflicts or duty hour violations for the rest of the block, please alert me at once. If you alert me at the last minute, it will become your duty to find a swap
  10. Vacations – may now be requested in advance using the MedRez scheduling system. If you email me or ask me in person – I will tell you to put it in MedRez.
  11. Weekends Off – I do my best to give you a dedicated Saturday/Sunday off. This is not a 100% guarantee, pending coverage and vacations in the department. Any day-off request in a non-vacation block may be subject to count as your “weekend”. (PGY-3 – this includes interview requests)
  12. HVSH resident – in general because of the rules of scheduling and the required number of shifts, it is unlikely you will get a full weekend off.
  13. In general shifts with double coverage will be swings & nights. Therefore, everyone will tend to work more swings & nights than days. That is where the action happens.
  14. Please see Events section for more details on Case Night, Journal Club, & Mandatory Fun Event
  15. Requests – Just put them in MedRez. Watch your emails to keep up with my deadlines.

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