Class of 2023

Aaron Acosta

Hometown(s): Los Angeles, CA

Education: Michigan State University, DO, 2020;  University of California, Irvine, BS, 2016 (Go Anteaters!)

Areas of Interest: Social EM, Global Health, Med Ed

Outside of the Department: Pre-COVID hobbies – hiking/camping, yoga, tennis, pretending the perfect left exists on the Great Lakes. Eating my way through Detroit and my travels. Going out to see a show (God, I miss those). Doing it all with my partner, family, and friends. 2020 Hobbies – TV, sleep, more TV, making magic with my new dutch oven, wine, more wine. Shocking people with a dirty stache when I take off my mask. 


Nicholas Antonio Burke

Hometown(s): Clinton Township, MI

Education: ATSU-KCOM, 2020, DO; Michigan State University, 2014, BS

Areas of Interest: POCUS, toxicology, critical care, addiction medicine

Outside of the Department: Golf, cheese, backpacking, snowboarding, Detroit sports teams, up north in every way.


Amy CaponeThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3087.jpg

Hometown(s): Murrieta, CA

Education: University of Arizona, MD; Arizona State University, BS

Areas of Interest: Public health, Healthcare policy, EMS, Administration

Outside of the Department: Playing with my two dogs – Maya and Athena, painting, board games, camping, spending time with family and friends.


Charmayne Cooley

Hometown(s): Montpelier, OH

Education: University of Michigan Medical School, 2020, MD; Kenyon College, 2006, BA

Areas of Interest: Social EM, Global Health & Disparities, Public Health, Palliative Care, Evidence-Based Medicine

Outside of the Department: Comedy aficionado, hanging out with my husband and teenage stepson, tackling my 200+ item Bucket List, celebrating odd days of the year, random acts of kindness, exploring the world of podcasts, food and drink enthusiast, social justice, cooking, baking, travel.


Connor Erickson

Hometown(s): Outlook, WA

Education: SUNY Upstate Medical University (Syracuse, NY), MD; Washington State University, BA

Areas of Interest: Ultrasound. Toxicology.

Outside of the Department: I love skiing, hunting, stock trading, hiking, playing poker, whisky beverages, playing with my Rottweiler (Zeus), video games, cooking with my wife, and I recently took up golfing.


Junaid Hashim

Hometown(s): Bangkok, Thailand; Toronto, Ontario

Education: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2020, DO; Tufts University, 2009, BA

Areas of Interest: Ultrasound, Critical Care, Social Medicine, Administration

Outside of the Department: Family! Spending time with my wife, my two daughters, and my dog. Avoiding the outdoors. Video games. Candies and chocolates. Rock and Roll.


Josh Helm

Hometown(s): Sacramento, CA

Education: Tulane SOM, MD; UC Santa Barbara

Areas of Interest: Wilderness Medicine, Crit care

Outside of the Department: Rugby, mountaineering, good eats, cheap beer




Haseeb Khan

Hometown(s): Ann Arbor, MI

Education: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, 2020, MD; University of Michigan, 2016, BS

Areas of Interest: Pain Management and Critical Care

Outside of the Department: Making Tik Toks, getting buckets on the basketball court, watching “Baby Shark” with my daughter, and just being an overall cool guy.




Alissa Moody

Hometown(s): Toronto, ON

Education: Michigan State University, 2020, DO; York University, 2014, BS

Areas of Interest: Global health, disaster medicine, medical education, ultrasound

Outside of the Department: All things food, outdoors, autumn, travel, and my crazy-eyed pup! Fun (or sad?) fact about me: I have seen every season of the Great British Bake Off at least 5 times.


Danielle Murphy

Hometown(s): El Dorado Hills, CA

Education: Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2020, MD; South Carolina State University, 2013, BS

Areas of Interest: Trauma, Critical Care, Sports Medicine, Medical Education

Outside of the Department: Trying out all the bars and restaurants in Detroit with family and friends, playing/cuddling with Frank (dog), cheering on the Red Sox and Seahawks, painting, working out


Patrick Riedy

Hometown(s): Plymouth, Michigan

Education: Wayne State University School of Medicine, MD; Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)

Areas of Interest: Ultrasound, Sports Medicine

Outside of the Department: Athletics, weight lifting, hiking, country music, Harry Potter (proud Slytherin), beer enthusiast



Nataliya Sachovska

Hometown(s): Troy, MI

Education: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2020, DO; Wayne State University, 2015, BS

Areas of Interest: Social Medicine, Diversity and Inclusion, Narrative Medicine, Wellness, Advocacy, Medical Education, Wilderness Medicine

Outside of the Department: My dream is to make my home feel like a little jungle exploded inside it. I love hoarding houseplants, gardening, and taking pictures of tiny flowers. Food is also a big part of my life. I love cooking, feeding people, baking, fermenting things, and experimenting with whatever’s in my fridge. I’m also really into yoga, meditation, hiking, running, going on walks with my cat Zucchini. I cannot wait to go to concerts someday soon and dance my butt off. Detroit has such a great music scene!