Class of 2025

Bekah Bowie

Hometown: LaGrange, Georgia 

Favorite smell and why: Peppermint because it reminds me of “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Top bucket list item: Visit all 7 continents and 50 states (I’m at 2/7 and 30/50)! 

Interests inside medicine: Global health and forensics (human trafficking and abuse awareness and education) 

Interests outside medicine: I am a major extrovert, so I can be convinced to do almost anything that involves people! My hobbies include leading worship  , traveling (I’m obsessed with all things Paris after living there ), weightlifting and CrossFit, doing anything outdoors in nature, baking , and FaceTiming my adorable niece and nephew nuggets


Lalaine “Lala” Ordiz Cordovez

Hometown: Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭 💃🏻 “Cebuanako et!!”

Favorite smell: Street barbeque smokes in Fonsa’s BBQ and Larsian… because that’s where the best bbqs are 🤤

Top bucketlist items: Travel to all the 7,107 islands in the Philippines, visit all countries, own rare exotic tropical plants- yes, ya homegirl is a plantita! 🪴, and maybeee own a Jeep Wrangler and make it look like a jeepney 😂.

Interest in medicine: Global Health, Wilderness Medicine (..for now, I sense some plot twist in the future 🧐).

Interest outside of medicine: PLANTDEMIC life 🪴, drawing, dressing up my dog 🐶, traveling and trying out new dishes at least once, cooking Filipino cuisine


Tom Dacey 

Hometown: Palm City, Florida 

Favorite smell and why: Campfire. Some of my most memorable nights and conversations took place sitting around a campfire. 

Top bucket list item: Fishing the offshore oil rigs of Louisiana for yellowfin tuna 

Interests inside medicine: EMS and Wilderness Medicine 

Interests outside medicine: Fishing, kayaking, aquascaping, shrimpkeeping, going on walks with my wife and our dog (Nani), participating in hotdog eating competitions.


Joseph Fore

Home town: Chandler AZ

Favorite smell and why: Water, like after fresh rain or when you’re nearing a river. I love it because coming from a desert there ain’t much standing water so it was always a smell that was welcoming and relaxing.

Too bucket list item: Make a large “miniature” diorama, be it a castle, town, beachside town, etc.

Interests in medicine: Street Medicine, Addiction Medicine

Interests out of medicine: Miniature painting, board games, video games, hiking, kayaking


Jessie Johns

Home town: Baltimore MD

Favorite smell and why: lowes/home depot honestly can’t tell you why I just love it 

Top bucket list item: scuba diving the great blue hole

Interests inside medicine: US, health disparities, correctional health,  EMS

Interests outside medicine: my dogs (winter, pictured, and old man), traveling, cooking, riding motorcycles


Destiny Kellam

Hometown: Inkster, MI

Favorite smell and why: Vanilla because for me it inspires feelings of comfort and warmth. 

Top bucket list item: Vacationing in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives 

Interests inside medicine: Pediatric Emergencies, Medical Education

Interests outside medicine: Roller skating, movies (big Star Wars fanatic if you couldn’t tell by the picture), board games, traveling, mentoring, astrology


Casey Korhonen

Hometown: Flint, MI 

Favorite smell: Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood wall plug-in

Top bucket list item: attend the Winter Olympics

Interests in medicine: EMS, Ultrasound 

Interests outside medicine: hockey, outdoors, working out, my dogs, reading, watching too much TV


Colin McMahon

Hometown: Ann Arbor MI

Favorite smell: “Crazy world, lotta smells” – Michael Scott

Top bucket list item: most recent, UM beating OSU in football, and celebrating in the snow with all of my great friends. 

Interests in medicine: EMS, critical care

Interests outside of medicine: University of Michigan sports, boating, floating the river, binging shows, perusing local breweries, competing with neighbors for the best lawn.





Debbie Pumarada

Home town: San Juan, PR / Farmington Hills, MI

Favorite smell and why: salt water breezes; reminds me of laying in a hammock on the beac

Top bucket list item: ride a motorbike down the length of Vietnam; hike the PCT

Interests inside medicine: critical care, LGBTQ+ healthcare, reproductive justice, health equity 

Interests outside medicine: roller derby, punk ethos, taking photos with other people’s dogs, neurodiversity, Lord of the Rings, adding travel destinations to my post-residency bucket list, memes


Adam Seel

Home town: Clarkston, MI

Favorite smell and why: Cedar wood. It reminds me of taking saunas at my Finnish grandparents house in the U.P.

Top bucket list item: Backpacking along a trout stream out west and fishing for my meals. 

Interests inside medicine: Wilderness medicine, EMS, critical care. 

Interests outside medicine: Backpacking, fishing, hockey, motorsports, cooking, MSU football, traveling.


Alex Shrum

Home town: Hebron, IN

Favorite Smell: Sliced lime being squeezed over a taco.

Top bucket list item: Complete a full Ironman triathlon. I’ve done a couple marathons and a half Ironman, so I’m hoping to tackle a full Ironman when I’ve got more free time after residency.

Interests inside medicine: wilderness medicine, global health, medical technology

Interests outside medicine: hiking, biking, running, basketball, DIY projects, binging shows, Purdue sports, activities with my dog Bailey


Ellie Small

Home town: Farmington Hills, MI 

Favorite smell and why: coffee, because I could not function without it 

Top bucket list item: visit Banff, Glacier and Mount Rainier National Parks, ski the Swiss Alps, and be at the game next time the Red Wings bring home the Stanley Cup 

Interests inside medicine: Street Medicine, ultrasound 

Interests outside medicine: skiing, hiking, reading, road-tripping, yoga, and my fur-babies (Magglio and Melvin)