Blake Collison

Bemidji, MN
University of Minnesota, 2015, MD
University of North Dakota, 2011, BS
Areas of Interest

General Emergency Medicine


Reading fiction, running, lifting, backpacking, snowboarding and other athletic pursuits.  Hunting is a strong family tradition.

May Tun

Palo Alto, California
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, 2015, M.D
Stanford University, 2009, BA
Areas of Interest

ultrasound, international emergency medicine.


tennis, badminton, hiking, zumba, new fitness routines, world travel.

Joseph Karpinsky

Detroit, MI
Wayne State University SOM, 2015, MD
Michigan State University, 2011, BS
Areas of Interest

Ultrasound, Sports Medicine and Critical Care.


I’ve been really into golf my entire life.  Once the snow starts falling, I switch gears to skiing.  Fishing, sports and my dog take up the rest of my free time.  Music is a huge part of my life.  I used to be a drummer in an awesome band, but I had to give up the rock star life to become a doctor.  Huge fan of all Detroit sports.  The Lions will win the Super Bowl before I graduate.  You heard it here first.

Sean Stanley

Orem, Utah
St George’s University, 2015, MD

I am from Utah, and have always loved outdoor activities and sports. I am married, and have two awesome sons. We are excited to be in Michigan and to explore many new places. We also plan on seeing a lot of baseball and football games.

Areas of Interest

Ultrasound, sports medicine


Triathlons, Cycling, distance running, Sports – Soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, camping, fishing, hiking

Quinn Wicks

Clarion, Iowa
Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, 2015, MD
Virginia Military Institute, 2011, BS
Areas of Interest

Medical Education, EMS


My hobbies and interests include ingesting too much coffee and losing track of time on wikipedia. In my past life when free time was still a thing I was big into engine building and automotive repair/restoration. I like to explore new sports and hobbies whenever I can. I am an avid skier, and had a blast as a Ski Patroller back in Virginia. I like to read pretty much anything.  My life’s motto is “If it isn’t interesting, you don’t know enough about it.”

Andrew DeMars

Denver, Colorado
Buena Vista, Colorado
University of Colorado, 2014, MD
University of Colorado, 2009, BS
Areas of Interest

Critical Care, International Medicine, Ultrasound


Not sure what life ‘Outside the Department’ means, but in my earlier life: rafting, skiing, nature, camping, backpacking, hiking and hanging out with my 160lb Leonberger

Nick Frame

Detroit, MI
Wayne State University SoM, 2013, M.D.
Grand Valley State University, 2009, B.S., Honors College

I wish I was a Pirate

Areas of Interest

Disaster and International Medicine, Sports Medicine


Auto racing is my passion, no race car yet though. I’m told I wash my car a lot, I find it relaxing. I also enjoy video games after a long day.

If I have a cpl days off I try to visit my girlfriend, Joy, in Grand Rapids, MI. While in GR I really like visiting Grand Haven and going to the beach or hanging out on the boat. I wish I could do more fishing, right now I get by by wearing questionably fashionable fishing shirts.

I’m a food yuppie, favorite food has to be BBQ, cooked low and slow!

Ian Walker

Marine City, MI
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2015, DO
Grand Valley State University, 2010, B.S.
Areas of Interest

Medical Education, Resuscitation, Ultrasound


My wife and daughter are pretty rad. I also love playing and watching all sports.

Reid Smith

Detroit, MI
Wayne State University SoM, 2015, MD
Albion College, 2009, BA
Areas of Interest

Critical Care, Medical Education, Ultrasound, Pain Management, Evidence-Based Medicine


Baseball, watching other Sports, Backpacking, Reading, Golf, Outer Space, History, coming up with nicknames for everyone in the program.