July 28 Lectures

As promised, here are further references/reading/podcasts pertinent to this past week’s grand rounds.

From Dr. Ernst, here is further information regarding chest trauma, particularly chest tubes:

EMRAP September 2007 – Penetrating Chest Trauma (Kenji Inaba)

EMRAP April 2016 – More Penetrating Chest Trauma (Chris Hicks)

EMCrit December 2011 – Discusses Needle Decompression, Finger Thoracostomy (Weingart)

Podcast 62 – Needle vs. Knife II: Needle Thoracostomy?

Ultrasound Podcast July 2016 – Airway/Breathing in Trauma

Airway & Breathing Ultrasound in Trauma with @ultrasoundmd. #FOAMED

From Dr. Fellows, here is information regarding cardiac amyloidosis and ventilator management:

EMCrit Lecture – Dominating the Vent: Part I

EMCrit Lecture – Dominating the Vent: Part II

Here is a link that with the Echo and EKG findings of Amyloid:


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