Ashley Da Pra

Brighton, MI
Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2016, M.D.
Michigan State University, 2011, B.S.

I’m a huge fan of all things music. I’ll go to basically any type of concert, any time of year…except country, that’s where I draw the line. Similarly, I like to dance and will where my fitbit at shows just to have it calculate how many miles worth of dancing I can rack up. My record is 14.8. Outside the hospital you can usually find me in a hammock, on my slackline or lounging around some body of water. I enjoy the company of creative & open-minded people, red wine and I have an odd obsession with pugs. And as Andy Warhol put it ever so eloquently, “I think everybody should like everybody”.

Areas of Interest

Disaster Medicine, Global Health, Critical Care


Traveling, running, hiking, listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson talk, tending to my succulent garden & watching videos of pugs online.