Conrad Hilton

Dillon, MT
Midwestern-AZCOM, 2014, DO
BYU-I, 2007, BS

My name is Conrad Hilton, I was born and raised in Big Sky Country (Dillon, Montana) on the banks of a blue ribbon trout stream. Growing up I couldn’t get enough recreational activities/sports; snowboarding, football, waterskiing/wakeboarding, baseball, fly fishing, basketball, hiking, tennis, hunting, snowmobiling, volleyball, 4-wheeling, dodge ball, wrestling and golf to name a few. From there I took my talents to Idaho, then Japan, then back to Idaho where I found my best friend and married her. 12 states and 3 kids later we landed in the “D”. We are geeked to be in Michigan(#1 fly fishing state in US, amazing beaches, schools, lakes and people and what can I say I love the hardness of the D) and train at Sinai Grace. I wanted great faculty, pathology, acuity and craziness and I found it.

Feel free to email me with any questions

Areas of Interest

Critical care, Ultrasound, Sports med, Wilderness Medicine