Muhammad Shareef

THE Ohio State University College of Medicine, 2017, MD
The University of Chicago, 2013, BS/BA

I grew up in Chicago, and moved to Columbus for medical school. I am one of 4 brothers, and I used to joke around about the movie ‘Four Brothers,’ which is set in Detroit. Now here I am in Detroit for residency!

Who I am outside of medicine (see above) is pretty much what you need to know about me. Apart from life outside of medicine, I am a huge closet science nerd — and that’s pretty much what brought me into medicine.

Areas of Interest

Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Administration, Resuscitation, Cardiac Medicine, QI


I have the worst (most amazing) sweet tooth and love to explore cities by eating everything I can get my hands on. Thus, I am engaged in an endless marathon between my health and Diabetes/Heart Disease. Overall, I tend to run and workout so I can eat. And this primarily defines my life.

I also love to travel. During the 4th year of medical school I spent my time in Swaziland, South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), Thailand (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Koh Phangan), DC, LA, Chicago x20, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Denver, Tampa Bay, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Myrtle Beach, Detroit, and probably a few places I’m forgetting — a good amount for non-interview vacations. If you’re a 4th year med student, I suggest you take advantage of the year and do something you enjoy as well!